NS ONE-net

NOVEC Solutions patented the dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) technology as NS ONE-net ™. This NS invention dramatically increases fiber-transmission efficiency and significantly reduces the cost of transporting data over fiber.

NS ONE-net ™ 1020

NS ONE-net ™ 2020

Innovative, Game-changing Technology

>> Customers save BIG on fiber as it relieves blocked fiber routes by up to 50%

>> Less fiber means customers can cut down on fiber expenses

>> NS ONE-net ™ has two sets of 20 full, two way circuits capable of 100 Mbit/s to 200 GBit/s per circuit @ 100 GHz/channel of bandwidth

Private long haul WAN

>> WAN transported over a single fiber strand

>> Customers can assign highly secure, sensitive circuits to separate ports

>> NS ONE-net  operates short or long haul 10km to 120km and beyond using applicable SFP+ Optics

Channel Bandwidth is fully compliant with IEEE and ITU Standards